The Angels raise money to provide funds for Kids and the Arts. Kids and the Arts provides tickets and transportation for school-aged youth from Title I schools in Ventura County and tickets to all school-aged youth of Ventura County.


The Angels of the Arts is a fundraising auxiliary of TOARTS. Our mission is to raise funds that provide youth (age 5-18) of our community exposure to arts performances, experiences and education.



Providing enrichment and education in the Arts for ALL youth in our community, building self-esteem, promoting creativity and developing future generations of artists and patrons of the Arts.

The Angels Luncheon is the flagship event of the Angels of the Arts. Creativity, passion and fundraising all rolled into one fun afternoon of camaraderie, friendship and coming together for a common cause; Kids and the Arts!


Angels Luncheon 2019


Angels Monthly Meeting

  • Civic Arts Plaza
  • Every 3rd Thursday of the month
  • The Angels of the Arts host monthly meeting every 3rd Thursday of the month at 6pm. Unless otherwise specified. When in doubt, please contact us to verify. All are welcome to attend.

    Location: Acorn Room (Suite F) of City Hall Plaza Tenants. (Park in the lower outdoor parking lot, walk toward the main entrance of City Hall, just before the big glass double doors, enter the smaller set of double doors to your left and find your way to Suite F)

Angels Members 2017-2018

  • Allison Nelson
  • Alva Sachs
  • Ami Lassen
  • Amy Masor
  • Angela Johnson-Napue
  • Barbara Spear
  • Barbara Sponsler
  • Becky Garrett
  • Bernadette Straatsma
  • Beth Neal
  • Cara Cohen
  • Catherine Diliberti
  • Christy Cannon
  • Cindy Chesher
  • Cindy Murray
  • Claudia Bill-de la Pena
  • Dale Thomas
  • Deborah Collodel
  • Deborah Gari
  • Dana Tjulander Brown
  • Dr. Nimira Alibhoy
  • Eloise Cohen
  • Erin Pohl
  • Hannah Foote
  • Jamie Culhane
  • Jane ‘Tink’ Henderson
  • Janet Knispel
  • Janet Scherr
  • Jessica Henkel
  • Joyce Rumack
  • Katarina Bodnar-Plank
  • Kathleen Kinney
  • Kathy Jeffers Volk
  • Kay Baumbach
  • Kim Maselli
  • Larane Nesbitt
  • Leanne Neilson
  • Lily Lee
  • Lisa Grossman
  • Lisa Oliver
  • Lori Gadsby
  • Lori Sorensen
  • Mandy Bar-Zion
  • Maureen Turley-Gutierrez
  • Michele Spoto
  • Michelle Corey
  • Paige Loter
  • Parry Weet O’Brien
  • Patricia Jones
  • Renee Artman
  • Renee Christopher
  • Rori Campbell
  • Samantha De Groote
  • Stacey Garfinkel
  • Toni Vlaoivich

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