The Angels raise money to provide funds for Kids and the Arts. Kids and the Arts provides tickets and transportation for school-aged youth from Title I schools in Ventura County and tickets to all school-aged youth of Ventura County.


The Angels of the Arts is a fundraising auxiliary of TOARTS. Our mission is to raise funds that provide youth (age 5-18) of our community exposure to arts performances, experiences and education.



Providing enrichment and education in the Arts for ALL youth in our community, building self-esteem, promoting creativity and developing future generations of artists and patrons of the Arts.


On September 26, 2018, TOARTS honored long time Angels president Kathy Jeffers-Volk for her tireless dedication and generosity to the Angels of the Arts and Kids and the Arts.

Angels Members 2019-2020

  • Allison Nelson
  • Alva Sachs
  • Ami Lassen
  • Amy Masor
  • Angela Johnson-Napue
  • Barbara Spear
  • Barbara Sponsler
  • Becky Garrett
  • Bernadette Straatsma
  • Beth Neal
  • Cara Cohen
  • Catherine Diliberti
  • Christy Cannon
  • Cindy Chesher
  • Cindy Murray
  • Claudia Bill-de la Pena
  • Dale Thomas
  • Deborah Collodel
  • Deborah Gari
  • Dana Tjulander Brown
  • Dr. Nimira Alibhoy
  • Eloise Cohen
  • Erin Pohl
  • Hannah Foote
  • Jamie Culhane
  • Jane ‘Tink’ Henderson
  • Janet Knispel
  • Janet Scherr
  • Jessica Henkel
  • Joyce Rumack
  • Katarina Bodnar-Plank
  • Kathleen Kinney
  • Kathy Jeffers Volk
  • Kay Baumbach
  • Kim Maselli
  • Larane Nesbitt
  • Leanne Neilson
  • Lily Lee
  • Lisa Grossman
  • Lisa Oliver
  • Lori Gadsby
  • Lori Sorensen
  • Mandy Bar-Zion
  • Maureen Turley-Gutierrez
  • Michele Spoto
  • Michelle Corey
  • Paige Loter
  • Parry Weet O’Brien
  • Patricia Jones
  • Renee Artman
  • Renee Christopher
  • Rori Campbell
  • Samantha De Groote
  • Stacey Garfinkel
  • Toni Vlaoivich

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