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Jonathan Serret Sings for Kids and the Arts

September 27, 2018 | 5:00pm - 6:30pm Southern California Life's artistic offices

Hi everyone, my name is Jonathan Serret and I’m singing to support TOARTS; to help them bring high quality arts experiences to kids.

Studies show kids who participate in the arts do better in other school subjects, like reading and math. The arts can provide critical life lessons and exposure to compassion, empathy, and respect which lead toward better citizenship. I believe that the arts have the power to transform lives. TOARTS provides kids with opportunities to see and participate in the arts. Many of these kids are from TITLE 1 schools and wouldn’t otherwise have these opportunities. When they get off their buses and walk into the theatre, you can’t help but smile, because their faces are filled with joy and excitement. Since 1994, nearly 12,000 buses have brought almost 1.1 million kids to performances right here at the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza and I want that to keep growing.

You can help. I’ll be singing in the Sing for a Cause charity karaoke, hosted by the Conejo Senior Volunteer Program, on Sept. 21st at Borderline Bar and Grill.

80% of your donations goes to support TOARTS, the other 20% goes to the hosting organization Conejo Senior Volunteer Program (another great cause).

I haven’t picked a song yet and I need your help… your donations will help me choose the type of song to perform.

Please donate today.

There are two judged categories “Best Performance” and “Most Money Raised.” If we win either of these categories, TOARTS gets an additional $1000 prize.

Together, we can help support Kids and the Arts!

For more information or to buy a ticket to attend visit www.charitykaraoke.org
The performances will also be streamed on Facebook live.

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Inquiries: (805) 449-2590 x2


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