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Board of Toarts

Leanne Neilson

Board Chair

Robert Biery

Vice Chair

David Mead


John Bradley


Eloise Cohen

Judith Linton

Janet Scherr

Advisory Council

The advisory council are members drawn from former Alliance and Foundation Boards, Legacy Founders, and community and business leaders. They serve as the ambassadors of TOARTS providing advice and support to the Board and serving as an advisory Nominating Committee to fill vacancies on the Board.

  • Lynne Andujar
  • Michael Arndt
  • Lawrence Blonquist
  • Matthew Burke
  • Keets Cassar
  • Chuck Cohen
  • Amy Commans
  • Chris Cuilty
  • Jim Friedl
  • Tim Gallagher
  • Cindy Goldberg
  • Tim Hengst
  • Tracy Hudak
  • Jacqui Irwin
  • George Jones
  • Kelly Karren
  • George Leis
  • Rick Lemmo
  • Debi Lewis
  • Al Lowe
  • Wyatt McCrea
  • Dr. Jerry Miller
  • Ron Plotkin

Staff of Toarts

Back Row left to right : Michael Tachco, Cameron Probe, Nancy Loncto, Dave Barr, Sean Jones and Colleen Debler. Front Row left to right : Niki Richardson, Rachel Waterstone, Toby Willis, Kristyn Schiavo, Beth Neal, Whitney Luxenberger, Jonathan Serret, Marisa Hanke and Barry McComb.

Thanks to the generosity of the City of Thousand Oaks, key staff members from the city’s Cultural Affairs and Finance departments provide staff to fill the following TOARTS positions on a pro bono basis: Executive Director, Associate Director, Finance Director, Marketing Director, Special Events Coordinator, Donor Services staff, Administrative Assistant.