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  • Vanessa Bechtel, CEO – Ventura County Community Foundation
  • Amy Commans, VP – Employer Relations, Los Robles Regional Medical Center
  • Greg Monterrosa, Hub101
  • John Lockhart, CMO – People Media Worldwide
  • Monique Reidy, Publisher – Southern California Life Magazine
  • Jess Weihe, Blogger – Anonymous Mommy

TOARTS Arts Influencers understand the value of the arts in a community.
They understand that the arts are a necessity not a luxury.

The arts bring a community together, raise people up, inspire creativity and imagination, attract individuals and businesses to move in, boost school attendance rates, offer a positive outlet leading to lower crime rates, and provide a common language that traverses the multi-cultural fabric of our society.

Arts Influencers are ambassadors for TOARTS in their own spheres of influence, actively promoting the importance of the arts and TOARTS to the communities they serve and support.

  • They seek to connect, collaborate, create and communicate.
  • They are teachers, doctors, publishers, bloggers, marketing and business executives.
  • They are athletes, techies, entrepreneurs and stay-at-home moms.
  • They are passionate about the community they live in and use their influence for good.

Is This You?

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Membership proceeds and donations directly support TOARTS new Art with Heart program which brings families together by bonding them through arts experiences.

Please reach out to any of our influencers to ask questions, or simply email Niki at niki@toarts.org or text at 805.876.4540